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How to Make a Wish

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Come on a journey through the countryside, as Big Red Fox teaches Little Red Fox how to Make wishes.  They make wishes with dandelion seeds, rainbows and stars. When the day is done, and they are snuggled up together in their den, Little Red Fox wants to know if wishes really do come true. Big Red Fox knows for certain that they do, because some time ago, they made a very special wish... and it came true. 

This dreamy children’s story is beautifully illustrated in watercolour, and has a heartwarming ending that will leave children feeling loved, wanted and cherished. Perfect bedtime reading for your little cubs! 

This beautiful book measures 297 x 210 mm (A4 portrait) and has luxurious thick glossy pages and cover - perfect for being handled by little people.

Amber and George


Amber is the dog who has it all. She has a lovely house, a big garden, lots of toys to play with, and long walks every day. Then one day everything changes. 
A little baby called George turns Amber’s perfect world upside down....

...But all it takes is a little time and patience, for friendship and love to grow. 

A beautiful paperback children’s book. Measuring 21 x 21 cm and with 34 silky pages filled with bright and playful illustrations. 

This little picture book tells the story of Amber, whose life is turned upside down by the arrival of a new (and very noisy) baby who cries an awful lot, all through the days and nights. For a time, Amber feels sad and confused. But gradually, baby George’s crying stops, and a beautiful friendship blossoms. 

This story is a about resilience, patience and how relationships blossom with time. And is perfect for reassuring children who may be struggling with their new life as a sibling. 

Based on a true story, and starring my very own Amber and George. 

The Lonely Dragon

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High up in the mountains,
far above the clouds,
where the Earth meets the sky,
there lived a lonely dragon... 

The dragon embarks on a great journey
travelling far and wide,
in search of a friend,
another dragon, just like her... 

...And in the end,
she does find true friendship,
but not quite in the way she imagined. 

This beautifully illustrated story is full of vivid colours and sparkles. And demonstrates the importance and magic of friendship.

My books can also be found on amazon and waterstones.
please contact me directly for wholesale orders.  

Other Books I've Illustrated...

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The Sweetest Season
by Elissa Kerr

It's early springtime in the forest.

The snow is melting, and the sweet maple trees are budding. That can only mean one thing; it's time to collect the sap and make some delicious maple syrup. Join a young girl as she discovers the magic of transforming sap to syrup.

By Elissa Kerr

It's late spring in the garden.

The birds are chirping and flowers rustle in the breeze.  That only means one thing; it's time to plant sunflower seeds.  Celebrating the special bond between a mother and daughter, this story shows readers what plants need to thrive and grow.

Honey Harvest
By Elissa Kerr

It's late summertime in the meadow. Flowers are in full bloom and honeybees float on the warm breeze. It's now time to harvest honey from the hive.

Beautifully illustrated, this buzz-worthy book is the perfect introduction to the tools and traditions involved in beekeeping

Come Fly with Me 
by Katie Amison

'The bird said to the bee "Come fly with me"'


Bird invites Bee to fly along with her

to see the world how she sees it.

Follow them both and a few of their friends on a journey high in the sky to the bottom of a pond, to see the world through their eyes.

Morning Puppa
By P.Anastasia

This proper Puppa loves a hot cuppa-tea, that is!

Puppa's favorite cup has gone missing,

and he can't find his friends anywhere. 

Can he solve this doggone mystery in time for breakfast?

Follow an adorable Aussie on an adventure

filled with tasty treats and a BIG surprise.

Far Apart,
Together at heart 

A children's book about Covid-19
and what we did to keep one another safe.

By Kelliann Delegro

Is that safe for me?

A child's guide to food allergies in the classroom.
By Diane Lynn Marunczak

Through colourful pictures and fun rhyming verses, learn a variety of different ways to prepare your child to confidently and safely manage school days with food allergies.

Monty and the Land of the DINODOGS
by M.T.Sanders

Monty and Cookie are back in a brand-new adventure.
While out in the woods Monty and Cookie stumble upon a strange machine, untouched for years. What follows is a monstrous adventure that will take them back to a time long long ago.

Hold on tight because the excitement has just begun.

We’re off to a world undiscovered for thousands of years…
Welcome to the Land of the Dinodogs!

Monty and the Ocean Rescue
A plastic Disaster 
By M.T Sanders 

Monty, Cookie and the spangles are back at the beach.

When Cookie sees a splash in the water her newfydoof instinct to rescue takes over and she immediately heads out to help. What follows is an adventure that could turn out to be their biggest, and most difficult so far.

Monty and the Poppit Dragon
By M.T Sanders 

A Seaside Adventure!

Monty, Cookie and the spangles are off on their holidays to sunny Pembrokeshire and the beautiful beach at Poppit Sands. In a cave they meet a new friend, the Poppit Dragon, who is sad because she can’t fly.

Can Monty and the gang save the day?
A funny, sometimes moving, and ultimately uplifting story for children.

Monty and Friends
African Adventure 
The Missions to Save Kaluwa
By M.T Sanders 

Now famous after their ocean rescue, Monty, Cookie and the spangles were looking forward to a well-earned rest.

But when a letter arrives from Africa they need to act fast. Kaluwa a baby Elephant is being held captive and what follows is a race against time to rescue her. But will they be too late? 

Monty and Friends 
Save Christmas

By M.T. Sanders

When Santa visits Monty’s house, things don’t quite go to plan.
Cookie has managed to scare the reindeers away and they are nowhere to be seen. Children around the world are waiting, but who will pull the sleigh? It’s going to take a massive effort to save Christmas... and time is running out.

A magical festive story of friendship and overcoming the odds.

A Connemara Fairy Tale
by Nicola Heanue

The peaceful lives of a family of gnomes, and the animals they take care of, is disrupted by some midnight mischief makers.

Who are these pesky pranksters and how can the gnomes put a stop to their troublesome tricks?

I Love Your Heart 
And All Your Feeling Parts

by Cara Gereau

I LOVE YOUR HEART AND ALL YOUR FEELING PARTS is a gentle introduction into the theory of Parts Work. Through a little girl named Claire, both children and parents will be able to understand the core parts of the self and externalizing them. It is a healthy way to understand how our emotions can be seen as a part of us taking over which can offer both compassion for upsets and choices for different reactions.


The Gratitude Seed
by Linda Appleby

Schools are closed to help prevent the spread of sickness. Alice and other children must do their school work at home. Alice is sad she has to stay home and can't play with her friends. Her mom talks to her about how the world is different and instead of feeling sad, to feel gratitude. Alice doesn't understand the meaning of gratitude so her mom explains its good-hearted feeling.


The Kindness Seed
by Linda Appleby

Penelope Green has forgotten kindness until she enters the enchanted fairy woodland. In windy whispers, the magical trees tell Penelope a tale about the fairies, the kindness seed and the Knotlot creatures, who have also lost their kindness.

The Queen fairy, with the help of an old wise fairy, Mrs. Plum, is intent on bringing kindness back to the magical kingdom.


Bryn Bear's Guide to Infantile Spasms

This book, produced by the UK Infantile Spasms Trust, is designed to explain Infantile Spasms to siblings or friends of affected children, or to help affected children understand their own story as they get older.


Peter Pug
by Corey John Scott

Peter Pug was an awful young pirate.
Until one day...


The Apple Tree
by John Rebholz

The story takes the reader on a journey through 3 generations, showing the kind of life his Father had, his adventures and more importantly, what he created. The ‘life-cycle’ of the Apple Tree mirrors his father’s own life, from the moment when he planted the tiny seeds with his own father all those years ago: the beautiful tree grows and blossoms, season after season, bearing fruit and new saplings.

The Mysterious Pool
by Charlene McIver

This is an enchanting magical story filled with mystery, fantasy, and humor for all children.

Join Leigh and his fifth-grade school friends, Tara and Cosmo as they visit a mysterious house in the woods. What treasures are revealed that will shock and astound them, and inadvertently uncover a hidden family secret?

Leigh doesn't let his wheelchair hold him back from exploring with his friends, and as the events unfold, he experiences an amazing encounter that will leave him wondering and open his mind to new ideas.


The Little Ninja That Could
Conquer Kindergarten
by Mallory Howell 

The little ninja is nervous about his first day of kindergarten. He is worried about being away from his mom and dad while at school.


With the help of his mom and dad, a very special book, and his martial arts training, he begins to gain confidence. Will Little Ninja be ready when the first day of kindergarten finally arrives? Read The Little Ninja That Could: Conquer Kindergarten to find out if he really is ready for his first day of school!

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