How to Make a Wish

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Come on a journey through the countryside, as Big Red Fox teaches Little Red Fox how to Make wishes.  They make wishes with dandelion seeds, rainbows and stars. When the day is done, and they are snuggled up together in their den, Little Red Fox wants to know if wishes really do come true. Big Red Fox knows for certain that they do, because some time ago, they made a very special wish... and it came true. 

This dreamy children’s story is beautifully illustrated in watercolour, and has a heartwarming ending that will leave children feeling loved, wanted and cherished. Perfect bedtime reading for your little cubs! 

This beautiful book measures 297 x 210 mm (A4 portrait) and has luxurious thick glossy pages and cover - perfect for being handled by little people.

Amber and George


Amber is the dog who has it all. She has a lovely house, a big garden, lots of toys to play with, and long walks every day. Then one day everything changes. 
A little baby called George turns Amber’s perfect world upside down....

...But all it takes is a little time and patience, for friendship and love to grow. 

A beautiful paperback children’s book. Measuring 21 x 21 cm and with 34 silky pages filled with bright and playful illustrations. 

This little picture book tells the story of Amber, whose life is turned upside down by the arrival of a new (and very noisy) baby who cries an awful lot, all through the days and nights. For a time, Amber feels sad and confused. But gradually, baby George’s crying stops, and a beautiful friendship blossoms. 

This story is a about resilience, patience and how relationships blossom with time. And is perfect for reassuring children who may be struggling with their new life as a sibling. 

Based on a true story, and starring my very own Amber and George. 

The Lonely Dragon

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High up in the mountains,
far above the clouds,
where the Earth meets the sky,
there lived a lonely dragon... 

The dragon embarks on a great journey
travelling far and wide,
in search of a friend,
another dragon, just like her... 

...And in the end,
she does find true friendship,
but not quite in the way she imagined. 

This beautifully illustrated story is full of vivid colours and sparkles. And demonstrates the importance and magic of friendship.

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