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So you've written a children's story?...

Self publishing can be both exciting and daunting, especially when it comes to finding the perfect illustrator. If you like my style, then don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know a little more about your project. 


So how does it all work?...

Illustrating and designing a children's book is a lengthy project, taking at least 8 weeks work. I always work digitally and produce high quality files to your specifications and size requirements. I have a basic set routine which I work to, which is as follows;

After our initial conversation, and confirmation that you'd like us to work together, I'll e-mail you a document outlining the agreed cost and deadlines. I will also provide a full, worldwide, exclusive licence for the artwork so that you can use it for your picture books, and all other related merchandise and promotional material. The only time I will use your artwork myself is in my portfolio. 

Before I can get started, I ask for a few things. I will need the(
professionally edited) manuscript, page size and specifications (from your printer/publishing company) plus the number of pages. We will also discuss your vision and ideas for the book. 


This enables me to go away and brainstorm illustrations and design. At this stage, I may want to run by character sketches and illustration outlines for your input and approval. Once I have the basic design and outlines, I then e-mail you a PDF file with all of the illustrated pages complete with text layout. This is a wonderful way for you to be able to envisage your book and also helps you to spot things you'd like to change. If changes or adjustments need to be made, this is the best and easiest stage to do so.

Once the outlines and design is approved, we can move onto the next stage, colouring the illustrations.  As I colour the first few illustrations, I always run the colour pallet by you to check it is just as you imagined. As each illustration is completed, I will send a small jpeg for you to view and approve, before moving onto the next one. 

Once finished, the high quality illustrations are all send to you via e-mail in a file type of your choice. 


If you do not have a third party who you are using to complete the book design, typesetting and preparing the files for print, I am quite happy to do so for you. All I ask is that I am given the correct specifications, and that you always get a proof copy before publishing. 

What's it going to cost?...

Of course each project is completely individual, depending on the level of detail and number of characters in a story, so it's difficult to estimate an exact figure. However, the general cost for a full 32 page children's book with a front and back cover will most likely be in the region of £1800 - £3500+. 

I usually take payment in 3 or 4 instalments via PayPal. The first payment is taken upon commencement of the project. The second payment is take after approval of the line-work. The third payment is taken once the illustrations are coloured and finished (which are then sent to you via e-mail). And the fourth (if necessary) is taken once the final print ready file has been prepared.  


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